Safety Rules

The following rules are intended to keep all children safe. Please review the safety rules with your child prior to starting service.

  1. Seat belts MUST be worn at all times.
  2. Children must remain seated facing forward.
  3. NO STANDING is allowed on the vans when the van is in operation.
  4. For the passenger’s safety, the driver MUST be obeyed during pick up, transport, and delivery. You agree that bThere will not be legally responsible for any injuries in the case of an accident if you or your student is injured due to failure to wear a seat belt, remove a seat belt, or is standing at the time of an accident.
  5. Zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior. No use of inappropriate language, disrespect, name calling or shouting at other students or the driver.
  6. No eating, drinking or smoking on the van.
  7. Children must keep all parts of their bodies & all objects inside the van at all times.
  8. Use inside voice at all times. No screaming or fighting with one another (including siblings).
  9. Headsets are required for students using their phones on the van.
  10. Keep the aisle clear and no littering, writing, or damaging the bus.

Consequences of Violating the Bus Safety Rules:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Assigned seat and parent notification
  3. Cancellation of services

Note: We reserve the right to terminate van rides for disruptive students and students refusing to wear a seatbelt. (This also applies to parents.) THREE WARNINGS will be given before termination of services