About Us

bThere Bus Founder

Hi! Welcome to bThere Bus, where we believe in serving the needs of busy and growing families. At bThere Bus we strive to provide excellent, safe and reliable transportation services to and from school, and other extracurricular activities, while giving parents peace of mind as they navigate through today’s increasingly demanding schedules.

My name is Cristal Brun and as a full-time professional in Corporate America, I too was faced with the challenges of being stuck late at work, being out-of-town and traveling for business, being in that meeting which lasted longer than planned (again) and took time away from my well-planned tiger mom schedule. I know what it feels like to be in traffic and panic because my girls would have to go to “after-school” care. It was then when I decided that families with working parents, and others alike, that are faced with busy and conflicting schedules could benefit from having the option of private school transportation service – just like I did.

As a parent of two beautiful daughters, I understand that you need peace of mind, to finish the work on hand before commuting back home, or you have to take that sibling to soccer practice, while the other has to go to tutoring, both of which might be scheduled at the same time. Exhausting. At bThere Bus we want to make your life less stressful, more manageable, more relaxing.

The name bThere Bus was formed in collaboration with my girls and my family and it supports everything I believe in.

bThere Bus is a family-owned and operated bus transportation company that wants to exceed your expectations by providing high quality, professional, safe, and reliable services to the Greater Miami community.

Our Goal

We aim to offer a convenient and safe way of transportation for children. Our goal is to provide an environment where parents, guardians, and students alike feel safe, comfortable, and well taken care of. We are meticulous about providing high quality service, while being cost-effective, and will go above and beyond for your family. We personally understand that families often find themselves juggling between their professional life and the schedule of their children. As such, our goal is to help and assist busy families. We take pride in our team who will continuously strive for excellence.

Our Community

We believe in being there for our community. We are part of a growing and expanding community of local families who depend on each other to thrive – together. We are truly committed and dedicated to helping others. We want to see our children grow, lead, excel – and want to provide safe, reliable, and affordable transportation to attend school and develop academically, and also socially through the participation in extracurricular activities. We want to support our future leaders!